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Welcome to the new Inman News!

A note from the editor

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Inman News today debuts a shiny new Web site, culminating many months of work spent behind the scenes building new channels, new community features and more feedback functionality to the site. The goal was ambitious, but clear. We set out to tear down the front and back-end of the old Inman News site, which includes over 10,000 real estate articles written since 1995. We had to do this in order to bring the front door of Inman up to speed with how news is being reported and consumed today. With the launch of the new today, we hope to accomplish two things: We will still deliver daily hard-hitting real estate news and the best in consumer advice columns. But we also aim to open the gates and welcome our readers to the community they already belong to. Inman News readers have a lot in common: they read the same news every day, work in the same industry, attend the same events, and encounter the same opportunities and challenges as colle...