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New franchise builds buzz around brand

Bug Realty agents drive ladybug-painted Beetles

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Bug Realty's marketing plan is all about buzz -- and not the sound that bees make. The company seeks to stir up consumer interest from its branded Volkswagen Beetles painted like ladybugs, its line of promotional clothing with the word "bug" on the chest, and its customized Apple iPhones in a ladybug motif: red with black spots. Kevin Seney, Bug Realty founder and a real estate finance industry veteran who served as president and CEO for The Home Loan Store Inc. before selling that business in 2000, uses the word "cool" a lot when talking about his new venture. His idea was to create a memorable and approachable business brand and franchise model that embraces technology and virtual offices. On visits to real estate brokerage offices during his years in the mortgage business, Seney said it was common to see real estate brokerage offices with mostly empty cubicles, as many agents don't spend much time in the office. The business model seeks to cut overhead ...