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When media coverage, industry interests clash

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A national real estate article published in a community newspaper in Elizabethtown, Ky., caught the eye and ire of several local real estate professionals, and brought home an age-old conflict between news coverage and industry interests. The headline of the article, authored by Claes Bell, questioned, "Is this a good time to buy a home?" Focusing on first-time home buyers, the article suggested that heightening restrictions in lending requirements, including high down payments and the risk of further foreclosures and price decreases, may not be the best fit for those seeking to become homeowners. Local Realtors gave editors at The News-Enterprise an earful about the inclusion of that article in the newspaper's weekly real estate section. They echoed a rallying cry that has been sounded by real estate professionals in other markets, too: that local real estate markets are unique, and reports of national market trends tend to overlook the fact that some markets a...