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An agent planning for retirement

Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

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I left my old corporate job, with its lovely 401(k) that offered cushy matching funds, in 2005. The year after was such a financial disaster -- I piled on credit-card debt like, well, a sailor on shore leave with a fistful of credit cards -- that I didn't make any retirement contributions at all. But now, I am doing my 2007 taxes, and (huzzah!) I get to be responsible again. That means I'm making a contribution to my retirement funds. For those of you who haven't done so, you have about two weeks -- till April 15 -- to make contributions that count towards last year's taxes. If your firm offers a plan -- like the one that Prudential California/Nevada/Texas Realty introduced last year -- that's great. They've already done the paperwork for you. But even if your firm doesn't, the chances are that you can contribute to a traditional IRA -- or what I've got, a SEP, a freelancer's Simplified Employee Pension. According to the IRS, you can put away as much as 25 percent of...