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Chewing on rent-versus-sell decision

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So I wrote last week that I had gone on two "soft" listing presentations -- situations where I was in a property and met the owner, though I wasn't necessarily pitching them at the time. As a result of these low-key situations, I was relaxed … and then it hit me, after the fact, that these had been practice sales calls. So I sat down with Bernice Ross' CDs, "List and Sell Real Estate Like Crazy!" and graded myself after the fact. Last week I talked about seeing a college friend who had a very expensive property in a territory where I don't sell. This week, I want to talk about someone who was more predisposed to be a client -- she called me as a landlord, wanting me to rent out her apartment -- but who was secretly open to being pitched more services. In this case, she and her husband were actually thinking about selling the property. So I had a chance, though I didn't know it at the time, to upsell them on my services. I had talked to her about the ...