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Closeout retailer claims 3 million property listings

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UPDATE: This story has been edited from its original version -- a statement that Overstock could not be reached for comment has been deleted. Inc., which sells excess inventory of consumer goods like clothing and furniture, has entered the real estate space with a dedicated listings channel that claims nearly 3 million properties, including distressed, foreclosure and auction homes. The real estate channel claims 2.9 million properties, including 2.6 million residential listings. Of those, 1.96 million are single-family homes, 246,000 are condos and townhouses, and another 73,720 are multi-unit properties. Nearly 300,000 properties are categorized as foreclosures, and another 7,000 as "distressed." The site lists more than 300 homes up for auction. Some listings receive "O-HotValue" designations, indicating "property that may be a better relative value in this market." Clicking on a listing will often take users to ...