Air conditioner at top of wish list

How to get landlord to say yes to installation

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Q: My place has been miserably hot and I'd like to have a window air conditioner installed. How can I convince my landlord that it's a good idea? A: Make it easy for your landlord to say yes. Start by doing the legwork, including calculating the size appliance you'll need and the approximate cost for installation. Once you've assembled the facts, the landlord may appreciate how easy and mutually beneficial it is to have the appliance put in. Window-mounted units are most commonly used because they're versatile; they can either be permanently or temporarily installed. They also work with most existing electrical wiring. Note that installing an air conditioner unit at a double-hung window is less expensive than at a sliding window, which may require an installation kit. To calculate the cost of the appliance, first know what size you're looking for. Air conditioner capacity is rated in British thermal units, or BTUs. The higher the BTU rating, the more area the unit can keep ...