Goodbye clogged gutters

Innovative shields facilitate drainage, repel leaves

Q: Do houses have to have gutters all around the roof? Mine are always getting clogged. Any reason why I can't remove the ones that aren't over an entrance? A: Houses don't have to have gutters. But before you rip yours off, we suggest you think through the reasons for doing so and the alternatives we're about to suggest. Simply having to clean clogged gutters every so often isn't reason enough in our minds to tear them off. Gutters are also known as troughs in some parts of the country. They serve an important purpose. With their accompanying downspouts they direct rainwater landing on the roof of a house away from its foundation. Gutters also keep water cascading off the roof over a doorway from landing on your head. Rainwater landing next to the foundation can eventually find its way inside a basement or crawl space. The runoff creates a moist habitat ideal for the growth of mold and mildew. Worse yet, runoff can undermine the foundation. We don't recommend it, but, if y...