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Now, where did I put my social network? Yesterday I showed the state of California. In all fairness, it wasn't the entire state, but just several of the larger Assembly districts. The buyer, who contacted me because he found my blog online, narrowed down his area of interest to seven ZIP codes. "Why these areas?" I asked. "I researched the demographics on ZIPskinny," he replied. What I said: "Oh, of course!" What I thought: "Huh?" Once again, I blinked and missed the memo. It is exhausting trying to stay current on this stuff. In the time it takes me to refill my coffee cup, 47 new tools have been introduced to improve my productivity, connect me with friends, expose my listings to buyers, inform and educate my clients, and enhance my online presence. What these tools are really doing is chipping away, ever so slowly, at my sanity, threatening to cut that fine cord that is tenuously holding together the last remaining pieces of order i...