Readers sound off on gutter, roofing advice

Many said homeowner deserved more compensation for his troubles

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Our weekly words almost always evoke reader response. Such is the case with our past two columns. Although we disagree with these readers' viewpoints, they contain insights that may be worth consideration. Concerning last week's response to a reader's question about dealing with a clogged gutter, one reader writes: I first saw this in Denmark and it is a marvel in its simplicity and functionality. Install the rain gutter of your choice -- plastic or metal. But don't install regular downspouts. In the gutter's downspout hole, insert two large-diameter nails in a cross. From this cross hang a large-diameter chain. The chain should be about two feet longer than the distance from the gutter to the ground. Lower the chain into a cistern, a hole at least two feet deep and a foot in diameter. Then fill the hole with rocks. The rocks will hold the end of the chain in place and allow rainwater to percolate into the soil with no erosion. The open downspout hole cannot clog because th...