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Playing nice in a ‘culture of disrespect’

Letters From the Home Front

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This morning I feel like I am unknowingly wearing a "kick me" sign on my Realtor backside. The jeers are coming from all corners of my professional playground. Would someone please steal my lunch money and put me out of my misery? As parents, we take great care to teach our children the social graces. Say please and thank you. Kiss your grandmother. Don't chew on that power cord with your mouth open. Then, in the blink of an eye, they grow up to be buyers and sellers and agents. Everyone has just gotten so grumpy lately. Sellers are unhappy that their homes are not worth nearly what they were several years ago. These are the lucky ones. Many others involuntarily ceded their homes. Buyers are unhappy, also. Stories of homes selling for pennies on the dollar, they are finding, are greatly exaggerated. Still freaked out about future prices, they are anxious -- anxious about buying too soon, yet anxious that they may wait too long. And finally, there are the agents...