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Web strategist says SEO not a mystery

Real Estate Connect Speaker Profile: Gahlord Dewald

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Gahlord Dewald is director of Web strategy with Union Street Media, a real estate Web design and Internet marketing company. He will speak about Web analytics and return on investment during Real Estate Connect in San Francisco, July 23-25, 2008. Dewald answered a set of questions posed by Inman News: What do you see happening in the real estate market in 2008? Search-engine optimization is getting exceptionally competitive, plus a tighter market will encourage business owners to examine and measure their performance based on real-world data. Winners will use data analysis to improve what they do best. Losers will look at the pretty graphs. What advice do you have to help real estate agents and brokers get through this market? Determine what you do best and do more of it. Increase your branding efforts if you can (in the days of cost-per-click and other action-oriented advertising models, CPM is dirt cheap). Take the time to listen to and understand your online customers, ...