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Agents, change your driving habits

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Many real estate professionals drive 20,000 or more miles per year. With gasoline prices over $5 per gallon in some areas, today's column looks at what you can do to reduce your gasoline bill. General tips The folks at decided to test which gasoline-saving tips really work. They conducted their tests under real-world conditions. Here are the six tips that they say will make a real difference in your gasoline mileage. 1. Take the pedal off the metal. The Edmunds' test showed you can reduce your gas consumption by 31 to 37 percent simply by gently accelerating rather than gunning it. You can also save money by taking your foot off the accelerator as soon as you see a light ahead of you change. 2. Drive the speed limit or less. Driving at slower speeds can save 12 to 14 percent in gas consumption. Allow a little more time to get to your destination. Not only will you reduce your stress, you'll save dollars at the pump as well. 3. Use your cruise control. ...