Facing foreclosure: When must I move out?

Answer depends on whether home sells to new party

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DEAR BENNY: I am one of the unfortunate who has to deal with eventual foreclosure. Can you tell me how long I can remain in my home until legally having to vacate? --Constance DEAR CONSTANCE: Before the foreclose takes place, please talk to your lender -- and not just a low-level loan officer but someone high in the company. With all the foreclosures taking place throughout the country, lenders (at least the legitimate ones) do not want yet another foreclosure on their books. If no one buys at the foreclosure sale, the lender will be stuck with the house and will have to pay real estate taxes and insurance. Also, check with your county and state governments. Many governments now have programs to assist borrowers who are in trouble, so you may be able to save your house. How long do you have to stay in the house if it is foreclosed? Technically, you have to move out when the house is sold. But again, talk with your lender. They may be willing to let you stay for a period of t...