Double-hung windows on a Normandy?

When remodeling, know which styles go with which architecture

Can't distinguish a double-hung from a double-boiler? Then here in a nutshell are the most common window types, along with the architectural styles they're usually associated with: Casement windows are hinged at the side and open like a door, usually toward the outside. In addition to being the oldest type of operable (openable) window, they're also probably the simplest, most practical and most adaptable. Casements are available in wood, clad wood, plastic, aluminum, and, more rarely, in steel or bronze. They can be paired with one or both sash (the part that moves) operable, and with or without a center mullion (the divider between individual window units). Casements can also be ganged together into long bands, as in Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie houses. With appropriate muntins (divided lites), they're suited to just about any architectural style, whether traditional or modern. Double-hung windows are another old-time standby. They have a pair of sash that slide vertical...