Don’t expect landlord to aid immigration scheme

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Q: I have a friend who is a French citizen, who came to the United States on a visitor's visa, fell in love and married a U.S. citizen. Unfortunately, they began a trial separation after a few months. My friend got her own apartment (but hasn't done anything legal about the separation). Now she wants to get a green card, and will need to prove to the immigration authorities that she's married. They're asking her to show them a lease showing that she and her husband live together, but her landlord won't add her husband's name to the lease. What can she do? --Andre Z. A: Your friend has two problems -- a landlord problem and an immigration problem -- and the latter is going to prove by far the thorniest. Let's tackle that one first. The immigration authorities (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS) are not going to issue a green card to your friend until they're satisfied that her marriage was genuine, and not a sham (an attempt to gain residency through marri...