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Learn the New Luxury Playbook at Luxury Connect | October 18-19 at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Part one of a two-part series. A hubbub of technological euphoria swirls in real estate. It's been here since the early days of agent domain squatters and will likely last well past Real Estate Connect 2008, where talking heads, brokers, innovators, technologists and bloggers sipped from the Pixie Sticks of cool and trendy. Web 2.0. It's now a bona fide addiction. Connect proved that. The merry band of bloggers and Twitterers mingled, typed and grooved to the orange and green. For some, it has become a lifestyle. But this stuff can also be a van loaded with weapons, packed and ready to go. Or it can be a gravesite out by the highway -- a place nobody knows. And gunfire off in the distance By the close of Connect, dozens sat in airports Twittering about sitting in the airport. Others madly signed up "friends" on social networks. Bloggers blogged to other bloggers about all the blogging taking place at the conference. I spent the weekend sifting though e-mails, ac...