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Commentary: Housing bill is ‘Band-Aid fix’

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Editor's note: The following is a sampling of comments from Inman's Groups pages, within the Community section. To join the discussion, create a profile at the site and visit the Groups area of the Community section. Legislation may provide 'more confusion than solution' Discussion on the Pros and Cons of the New Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Prevention Act "I fear that government intervention will be another Band-Aid fix with long-term downside implications. "Many supposed beneficiaries of the $300 billion in FHA loans will be unable to qualify for these products. Many used no-doc loans to qualify the first time and, in truth, did not have the means to satisfy their debt obligations. In the current economy it is unlikely things have changed. "A core issue with the plan is the inefficiency of government at either the federal or local level. For every dollar spent, only a small percentage will reach the problem as most of the money will be lost in admin...