You’re ‘too scary for my buyers’

Why some agents don't refer best home inspectors

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Dear Barry, As a real estate broker, I read your column regularly and with great interest. But some of your articles trouble me. They suggest that Realtors routinely avoid the most thorough home inspectors and that they even label good inspectors as "deal killers." This charge seems unfair and in poor taste. Good agents, whether they represent buyers or sellers, want an inspector to perform a thorough inspection. Would you be willing to rethink your position on this? --Terry Dear Terry, Let's both give some thought to this issue. The articles you mention were never intended to offend, but to shed light on an entrenched ethics problem that infects not all but many in the real estate profession: namely, the conflict of interest when Realtors refer home inspectors to their clients. Some will flinch at the voicing of this matter, preferring to deny its existence. But there is an elephant in the room, and it cries to be recognized. The trunk of the problem is this: A...