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My youngest daughter recently asked me, "Do you love your job?" "Well, if I have to work, I suppose I do," I answered honestly. "What would you do if you didn't have to work?" she replied. Probably this. The truth hurts. Our family took a little vacation last week. Now, for the kiddies preparing for their fall SATs, I will remind you that vacation is to real estate agents as disco music is to a Latin dance master. In either case, one enjoying the other is not only criminal but effectively impossible. First, there are our clients. They are not particularly keen on having their selling or buying needs gone on 72-hour leave, nor do they typically embrace the concept of someone other than the agent they hired holding down the fort. This is a service industry, and service is delivered 24-7 -- or else. Second, there is the reality. Much like I explained to the San Diego Superior Court recently: If I do not work, I do not eat. In years gone by, I have...