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At Real Estate Connect, Brian Boero, Dustin Luther and Kelly Roark outlined 90 different ways you can use technology to improve your business. Today's column hits the highlights. Agents today face numerous challenges when it comes to technology. Which solutions really work? How can I convert more leads from the Web? What do I need to do to motivate visitors to return to my site repeatedly? For the last two years, blogging has been at the forefront as a solution for improving search-engine rankings and for motivating visitors to return to your site repeatedly. Nevertheless, most agents find blogging difficult. With the latest Web 2.0 real estate technology innovations, agents now have multiple options to turn their Web sites into a lead-conversion machine. Better yet, most of these new tools are free. All Things Local Your goal as an agent is to become the single go-to resource for your specific market niche. A number of services now make this easier than ever. Everyb...