How did home inspector miss THIS?

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DEAR BARRY: When we purchased our home, the inspector was very thorough. At least we thought so. He spent hours looking at the house and reported a lot of defects. But later we discovered that one of the toilets was not connected to the septic system. Instead, it flushed directly onto the ground under the house. This mess was discovered by our cable man. What is the likelihood that something like this could have been missed by a home inspector? --Jesse DEAR JESSE: If the inspector went under the house, it would not have been easy to miss raw sewage on the ground, unless something blocked his entry to that part of the crawl space. In some cases, air ducts or low ground clearance prevent full access. Such conditions might have impaired your inspector's view of the mess, but it would not likely have masked the distinctive "aroma." The cable man's discovery of the undisclosed "flushings" indicates that there were no impediments to that part of the subarea. ...