Dual-flush toilet sure to wow

Despite benefits, customer satisfaction has been 'mixed'

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Q: We recently returned from a vacation in France. Many toilets had two flush buttons -- one for a small flush and one for a full flush. I thought they were a great idea, as they save water and, when needed, actually clean the bowl; the lack of cleaning action is a common complaint with many water-conserving toilets. I recently remodeled and could not find any similar toilets at Home Depot or Lowe's. I ended up with something that was satisfactory, but I was disappointed. Are there any dual-flush toilets being manufactured or sold in the United States? A: We fondly remember the days of the standard 3-gallon flush toilets -- one flush and the package was delivered every time. Nowadays, with 1.6-gallon models mandated and ultra-low-flush toilets available, a good plunger is required equipment for every household, office and business. Both of us have 1.6-gallon flush commodes. Kevin has three and Bill has one. None of them works all that well. Even the jet-propelled comme...