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Letters From the Home Front

I now subscribe to Rolling Stone magazine. I know this because Robert Downey Jr.'s face is staring at me from the breakfast bar this morning, right above the mailing label with my name on it. The curious thing is that I am pretty sure I didn't sign up for this. Maybe I forgot to uncheck the box when I ordered that latest property domain name, the box that read, "Yes! Please include a subscription to a random print periodical related to the music industry, or perhaps Robert Downey Jr., with my order!" Maybe it was a present and, with International Day for the Elderly fast approaching (Oct. 1 -- mark your calendars), someone wanted to surprise me. Or, maybe some teenager with access to my credit card thought Rolling Stone might represent her last untapped conduit to breaking Jonas Brothers news. In any event, Rolling Stone will presumably be gracing my mailbox for the next year, as will the unavoidable reams of follow-up correspondence. I know from experience that b...