Common ways sellers fudge their listings

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Some people just don't get it. If you advertise a house as having a San Francisco Bay view, buyers will expect to walk into a public room like the living room and see the bay. They won't be satisfied with a peek of the bay from the master bathroom. Exaggerating in advertising not only leads to disappointment, it can have legal consequences. For example, sellers have been sued over misrepresenting square footage. Usually, sellers think their house or land is bigger than it is. They hope that by advertising the property as bigger, they will sell for a higher price. But, if the sellers are later sued when the buyers discover that the property is quite a bit smaller, the sellers could end up paying out far more than the profit they received from the sale. Most buyers would be pleased to know that their home had been built by a renowned architect. It's fine to advertise that fact, if you have evidence to confirm that the information is accurate. Sometimes sellers or their agents ...