Tool rental done right

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It's a simple fact of life that every home improvement project requires tools of some sort. As a result, just about every homeowner has a toolbox -- or at least a kitchen drawer -- with a decent assortment of hand tools. But what happens when your project requires a jackhammer, an airless paint sprayer or perhaps even a tractor? Rather than shell out the money to buy a tool or a piece of equipment that you'll probably use only once, you're better off turning to your local rental yard instead. The typical rental yard has a pretty astounding assortment of tools and equipment available, and because they don't make any money if their tools are in the repair shop, you will generally find late-model equipment in very good working order. WHAT TOOLS DO YOU NEED? The first step in dealing with a rental yard is deciding exactly what you need to rent. That may sound pretty obvious, but if this is a tool that you've never used before, you may not know exactly what it's called or what ...