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The Davison Files: Roadmap to Recovery

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Editor's note: Inman News is asking our audience to explore the future form and function of the real estate industry. This Roadmap to Recovery editorial project offers an invitation to engage in discussions about the direction of the industry. In this piece, columnist Marc Davison addresses the changes that have swept through the brokerage industry in the past decade, and shines light on a possible path forward. What you should be The media center for local real estate. The repository of real estate facts and truths. The provider of valued benefits to the community. The trusted source. The one-stop provider for everything real estate. Virtual. Profitable. What was In the 1999 release, ", The insiders guide to buying and selling your home," writer Blanche Evans documented the eight main services brokerages offered for sellers and buyers. They were: Sellers 1. Fix-up advice prior to showing. 2. Calculating the listing price. 3. Listin...