Get the squeal out of bathroom faucet

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Q: I was hoping you could help me with some plumbing problems. In my downstairs bathroom, which doesn't get much use, the hot-water faucets on both sinks squeal when they are being turned off. The cold faucet doesn't squeal. It doesn't happen in the other bathroom, which is in the master suite. My neighbor in the attached townhouse has the same problem. I have had this problem for the 10 years I've lived here. But now there is a new problem. When the hot faucet is turned on, the stream is dramatically reduced without anyone even touching the faucet knob. Also, I hear water going through the pipes after I've used the faucet. I know it's a mystery and I am afraid of having to pay a plumber to track down the problem. A: It's tough to diagnose the problem without looking at the suspect faucets. From your description, the problem might be related to a restriction in the hot-water side of the faucet. What's puzzling, though, is that you've got the same problem in two fixtures an...