Saving husband, kids from abusive wife

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Q: I have a family in one of my rentals that is experiencing a very rough time -- I think the wife, who has a huge temper, is physically abusing the husband. In fact, the husband wants to move out with the kids, but when he went to the local shelter for victims of domestic violence, he was turned away because he's male. This makes it practically impossible for him to leave, because he doesn't have the finances to set up a separate household. Isn't this unequal treatment against the law? What should I do to help? --Wendy S. A: Although the public often assumes that victims of domestic violence are overwhelmingly female, there are significant instances of violence directed against men. But many battered women's shelters offer services for females and their children only, and do so because the state funding statutes they depend upon specify that grants will be given to organizations offering help to battered women only. To challenge these statutes based on equal protection, a...