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The Big Close

Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

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This is, let me see, the beginning of my third year working as a part-time agent in New York City. I just recorded my second sale, which definitely put some mileage on me in a market that I have often described as "choppy." It was a great win in many respects: a sale in my target neighborhood (SoHo); the first time I crossed the $2 million mark; and the first time I got both sides of a deal (grin). "Little Rookie" is growing up. Along with the rentals I've handled, I've now had about as successful a year as the average NRT agent. What's more, I learned a ton on this deal and I'll get at least one other listing out of it. It also took nine f------ months. In fact, I refer to this property as "the loft I sold four f------ times." When we first listed in the spring, the property was priced slightly low to generate a bidding war. It was a brilliant strategy that almost worked -- we got a great offer price, but then the bidding-war winner's attorne...