Landlord tosses possessions without consent

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Q: We've discovered to our dismay that our former landlord has thrown away many of our belongings, claiming that we abandoned them. Here's what happened: Towards the end of our lease, we traveled out of town to our new home, and told the landlord we'd be returning. We had already moved most of our things, and had placed some remaining furniture and boxes in one room, so that the landlord could get a head start on repainting. When we got back, we found the locks changed. The landlord told us that he rightfully concluded that we had abandoned the premises, and pointed to a clause in our lease that says "abandonment" equals removing most of our stuff or not having a bed to sleep in. Do we have any recourse? --Bill and Mel G. A: Common sense alone would suggest that your actions were not those of an absconding or irresponsible tenant. Your willingness to let your landlord come in before the end of the lease to ready the house for the next occupants was above and beyo...