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Vacation? I’m working on it

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It was vacation minus one, and as I navigated between the nine homes on our home tour this day, I tried to field the "What are you doing for the holidays?" question. This is where I found myself explaining the realities of a glamorous real estate career to my clients with real jobs. "Well, we sort of take the week off. We pack stuff, and we drive away with it to someplace else. But, don't worry! I will have my laptop and my cell phone and will be checking my e-mail. You won't even know I'm gone." And that's the problem. Over the years, I have reinforced these ground rules to the point that when we do take that rare vacation, I don't even know I'm gone. When our children were much smaller versions of their present-day mall-stalking selves, we started our family tradition of spending the week at our local mountains. San Diego has one season (we call it June), and when the retailers start playing their seasonal tracks, which sing of winter wonderlands an...