Fashion trends for brick and mortar

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Editor's note: The following is a guest essay related to the Inman News Roadmap to Recovery editorial project, which is focused on choosing the best footholds as the industry attempts to redefine itself and climb out of this severe economic downturn. Click here for more details.To say that real estate is in a state of deep reinvention is like saying the market is bad. We all know it. We're all looking for ways to start over and build anew. Yet, when I suggested in a previous guest article (see "Brokers, change your ways") the notion that brokers should rethink their real estate office space and get rid of it to cut costs, many protested. Some said we need space to show that we operate a professional business. I say, if you're looking at space as a sign of professionalism to your consumers it's really time to rethink what the word "professional" means, and how that might be illustrated today -- especially within the context of what a real estate office is...