The truth about loan mods

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Q: When I'm driving to work, it seems like every five minutes I hear another advertisement for loan modification services on the radio. I'm not behind on my mortgage, but it is set to adjust next year -- will my mortgage company actually work with me to stop that from happening? I'm also upside down by about $75,000 -- will they reduce the amount I owe, too? If so, will they charge me points like when I refinanced? Can I do it myself or do I need to hire one of those services? A: Believe me -- we've all heard those ads! And they are not all scams. Loan modification is a legitimate possibility, and there are do-it-yourself options as well as legitimate loan modification consultants with successful track records at helping their clients obtain modified mortgage terms that work for them. Mindset Management Getting your mortgage modified might very well be possible for you, but I don't know anyone who would call it simple, easy or painless. But the upside potential -- saving y...