Condensation at root of mold, floor damage

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Q: I am hoping you would have a recommendation on how I should deal with the accumulation of moisture on my anodized aluminum patio doors. The back of the house where the patio doors are faces east. The patio doors lead to a wooden deck on the second floor. The window coverings are drapes with sheers. During winter or after cold nights, I find a lot of moisture and water around the aluminum frames and windows of the patio doors, especially at the sill. Although I wipe it up every day, this water has caused discoloration in the carpeting and some mildew or mold in the walls adjacent to the door frames. How would you solve this problem? I noticed that the downstairs patio door directly under the upstairs doors does not accumulate any water, and the rest of the windows in the house do not accumulate as much. Should I replace those doors with ones of a different material, such as vinyl or wood? The furnace is normally turned down or off at nights. I thought the problem might b...