Roller covers key to great paint job

How to match to paint types, surfaces

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Painting is certainly one of the perennial favorite projects for do-it-yourselfers. You can transform a room in just a short time, and perhaps best of all, you need only a few basic tools. In addition to a good paint brush, a quality roller cover is one of the essentials. And as with brushes, professional-quality equipment costs only a few dollars more than the low-end stuff, and the difference in ease of use and the quality of the finished product makes the small additional expense well worth it! ROLLER COVERS A roller cover is basically a long, hollow tube covered with fabric, foam or other material. It fits over the cage on the roller frame, and is what actually holds and applies the paint. There is a huge selection of roller covers available, but you need only a couple of them and they are interchangeable on the roller frame, so you can mix and match the covers to suit just about any painting situation. There are several different types of fabrics and other materials t...