Attic overdue for re-insulation

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Q: I would like to re-insulate my attic because the second floor is always warm in the summers and cold in the winters. There is currently loose fill insulation in there, but it barely comes halfway up the joist. I am not sure what would be the best option to re-insulate: adding more loose insulation or removing the old insulation and applying new batts? A: I've always been a fan of loose fill insulation in attics. It does a better job of covering all the joists without gaps or cold spots, and correctly applied the loose fill material traps a lot of air in it, and it's actually all those millions of tiny air pockets that do the insulating. New fiberglass insulation should be able to be blown right over the old material with no problems, which saves you the time, mess and expense of removing the old stuff. Blown fiberglass is a professional installation only, and the contractor will evaluate the condition of the attic, the old material that's there, any heat-producing ven...