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Sending out an SOS over MLS entries

Future-Proof: Navigate Threats, Seize Opportunities at ICNY 2018 | Jan 22-26 at the Marriott Marquis, Times Square, New York

As we grow up, we are taught truths. The funny thing about our truths is that they tend to change over time. When we rest on our laurels, clinging too fiercely to our belief systems without question, we risk missing the memo on change altogether. And in these times, more than ever, our inboxes are full. "Don't run with scissors." OK, that was a good one. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and call it timeless. But, that is because I have considered the benefits and the potential costs. If anything other than an umbilical cord needs cutting, a swift gait should suffice. Where risk avoidance is concerned, I'm all over it. Other bits of wisdom we have picked up over the years, however, just beg for evaluation, reconsideration, and a new perspective. Take bus-bench advertising, please. One of the givens during my own formative years involved the government-mandated waiting period between eating and swimming. I was taught that this was a necessary death-avoidance measure. ...