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The industry debate over compensation

Revamping Real Estate Commissions

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A guest column published Friday, which suggested that a hybrid salary model could improve the quality of real estate professionals agents, has stirred up a firestorm of commentary from our readers. Many readers expressed adamant opposition to ending the commission-based compensation model, and the feverish dialog on the issue is an obvious indicator of intense friction -- and possibly a sign of seismic shift?Buz Hurley, a Georgia real estate agent, suggested in his Feb. 6 guest article (see Inman News), "To make real estate a true profession and not just a catchall for anyone who can pass the exam, I believe the sales force has to be salaried by brokerage companies." He further suggested a compensation model featuring a base salary plus commission, which he said "would force brokers to hire only quality people and retain only those who are productive and ethical." One commenter, Vickie Flowe of Gibson Flowe Properties in Charlotte, N.C., offered up a quot...