Consumers win in real estate pay system

Perspective: Revamping Real Estate Commissions

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Editor's note: This month, Inman News is focusing coverage on the issue of percentage-based real estate commissions and other industry compensation practices. The following guest perspective is written by Kaye Thomas, an agent in Southern California. Please join in the discussion: Click here to share your views and insight with Inman News readers, or send an e-mail. We are offering a free pass to the upcoming Real Estate Connect conference to guest contributions published at Inman News. Read more details here. By KAYE THOMAS Real estate fees: So much talk, so little action. Everyone, whether they are in the business or not, is an authority about how terrible the current system is and how it should be restructured. But no one actually has any workable ideas or they would have been implemented by now. The real issue is that no matter how much people complain about percentage-based fees, both buyers and sellers get more than they "pay" for. Consumers want changes be...