The commission butcher shop

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Editor's note: This month, Inman News is focusing coverage on the issue of compensation in the real estate industry. Share your views: Click here for more details. By ROBERTA MURPHY With all apologies to vegans and commission surgeons, I love going into full-service butcher shops. To begin with, the butcher is a seasoned professional who is able to discuss not only all cuts of meat, but how to prepare them. If I want a piece of meat cut a certain way, the butcher obliges. And if only a half pound of ground meat or two sausages are needed, he'll gladly ring it up. It's also nice to find choice and prime cuts of meat (as well as free-range poultry) that are rarely available in the supermarkets. Do we pay more for a prime cut of meat? Of course we do, and that is expected. But remember, I can also buy a scoop of ground meat or a single chicken breast without ringing a bell at the supermarket meat counter and waiting for an attendant to break open packages to repackage my small...