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Catching the copyright thieves

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Most adults and even children understand that it is wrong to steal. We don't take something that does not belong to us without asking permission or paying for it. Plagiarism is theft. I find it amazing that so many real estate professionals steal. We are supposed to be held to a higher standard. Entire articles from this site are lifted and posted on blogs. The blogger usually gives attribution and links back to this site, but it is still plagiarism because so many words have been copied that they make up the majority of the post. Some real estate professionals take entire posts or photos without giving any attribution at all and pass them off as their own work. I recently found some photos that a friend of mine took -- they were on another Realtor's Web site. Photo theft is rampant. Posting them on the Internet seems to make people think they are public domain. When it comes to content theft, if it is another agent who is taking my content it is fairly easy to stop. Many r...