Teresa's Stories
When business is sluggish: 10 to-dos for the slow season
Seek self-improvement and business organization in your downtime
Oct 12
Agents resist being replaced, not new technology
Most people are going to resist bad ideas, even if they are new
Sep 28
How to avoid tech problems before they start
We use a lot of technology in our businesses, and there are a few things we can do to make it go a little smoother
Sep 15
When clients play commission hardball: What (not) to say
It's common for clients to reach into our pockets and expect a donation when they cannot make ends meet
Aug 31
12 terrible habits of top producers that lower the bar
People can make lots of money and still be jerks
Aug 17
A broker’s case against cold calling: Stop, or I’ll tell your mother
Where salespeople get it wrong
Aug 3
Are you working hard -- or just looking busy?
I challenge you to define a 'hardworking' agent
Jul 20
Alternatives to trashing junk when moving
We should keep the things that bring us joy and get rid of the rest
Jun 30