Teresa's Stories

Real estate companies and associations have spent bazillions on technology that no one wants to use or that quickly becomes obsolete. Here's what would make it better
Aug 1
Do you know how to explain the difference between a national and a local market stat to your client? The words you choose can make all the difference
Jul 19
Housing could be made more affordable. The problem? It's not in enough people's self-interest to do so
Jul 1
It isn’t safe to be on the internet, but that is where business comes from these days. Here's what to look out for and ideas for keeping yourself safer from online predators
Jun 22
No one talks about retiring and unretiring, yet people do it. Let's challenge the notion that retirement has to be forever
Jun 10
Raising the standards in the real estate industry starts with brokers. Here's how to ensure you're prioritizing the best agents when you're recruiting
Jun 1
Neighborhood quality is subjective, yet Realtors cannot recommend a neighborhood or steer clients into or out of a particular neighborhood. Here's what to do instead
May 26
Rules can and should be changed starting with the way buyer’s agents are paid. Trying to preserve the system at all costs doesn’t make sense
May 4