Teresa's Stories

One broker's satirical take on keeping women out of top real estate positions in 2019
Jan 10
It's all about balance, good vibes and learning from the past
Dec 13
Real estate agents who feel overworked need to know that their businesses will do just fine if they don’t market the holidays. But to those who want to -- go for it!
Nov 29
Here's the best way to keep your life and business on track
Nov 16
If only there was a magical technology that would make it possible to make a lot of money without having to work very hard
Nov 2
One broker's inner monologue on the topic as she turns another decade older
Oct 18
You'd think a good ol' office would be the way to go, but what good is that fancy office space if no customers walk in?
Oct 5
Although much time has passed, signs of this trying time are still present, and the memories (and scars) hold steady
Sep 19