Teresa's Stories
Why we shouldn't worry about becoming obsolete
New tech that eliminates jobs isn’t new, and neither is change
Jun 16
Referral fees: The good, the bad and the ugly
The common business arrangement could be improved with transparency
Jun 1
Working through an epic seller's market
Facing the challenges of low inventory, acknowledging the facts and pushing forward
May 18
Do you really need Facebook on your phone?
Life without it can be better than you think
May 4
11 reasons agents should be replaced by robots
A satirical take on the industry's biggest problems
Apr 20
Seller's market, buyer's market: Never get too comfortable
A decade ago, it was hard to sell a house, and you must always be prepared to adapt
Apr 6
Stop asking for technology help on social media
Free advice can be pretty expensive if you're not careful
Mar 23
Is photography free?
I've had people who've used my photos tell me that because they're on the internet, they should be fair use
Mar 10