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Letters From the Home Front

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It's the debate that "just won't go away," I read. "Hmm," I think. What could that be? Is it the debate about how we got to a place where millions of people have lost their homes and many more will likely fall victim to foreclosure in the coming year? Maybe it is the conversation about how lenders are pricing their foreclosure inventory using the dartboard and dreidel method of valuation, dragging an entire market into the abyss in the process. (In the case of a tie, the Ouija board shall dictate.) Maybe it's the discussion on industry standards and ethics -- the one that challenges the theory that a home purchase or sale can easily be orchestrated while working the night shift at Jim's Pizza Emporium. No, the real debate involves my tax return. I simply make too much. If we are to be fair, this is not a new argument. I have been bilking the consumer for years -- in my case, 12 years. And what a fun and frolicking 12 years it has been. Through up and down ...