Death in home could kill sale

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Q: I'm in the middle of an escrow, and this is the second home I've bought. My agent just got a call from the listing agent, informing us that the seller's elderly mother just passed away in her sleep -- in the property! I really love the place, but I'm a little creeped out, and I'm not sure how I should react to this information. Should I back out? A: From a real estate perspective, there are several ramifications that arise when someone dies on a property. There's no real reason, though, for you to cancel the purchase of a home you say you love, because of a death. Mindset Management The event of a death on a property seems bizarre to most buyers, but I think that's a sign of the times. There was once a time when most people died at home; these days, most people are hospitalized before they die, so at-home deaths are simply less common. Death is an inevitable part of life, and there's really nothing inherent about a natural death on a property that should change your de...