Buyers frustrated with hot, cold bedroom

Did sellers lie about HVAC system?

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DEAR BARRY: We purchased our home several months ago and no one disclosed the lack of heating and cooling in the master bedroom and bathroom. We even asked the sellers if the HVAC system was OK, and they said there was no problem. But now, we have a freezing master bedroom in winter and sweaty nights in the summer. The attic above the master has plenty of insulation, and there are dual-pane windows. So what could be causing the problem? What can we do about it? And are the sellers liable? --Ann DEAR ANN: The discomfort you describe must have been known by the previous owners and should have been disclosed before you purchased the property. The sellers, therefore, could be liable for the cost of repairs. But first, you need to determine the cause of the problem. The first thing to check is the airflow at the registers in the master bedroom and bathroom. If they are located on ceilings, you may need a ladder, or you can tape some strips of tissue to a long stick and hold the...