Ill tenants and foreclosure risk

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Q: We own a home that we rented to an elderly woman and her daughter. The mother has recently been admitted to a convalescent hospital, and the daughter, who is also sick, is having a hard time coming up with the rent (she hasn't been able to find a roommate because the place is so dirty). If she doesn't pay the rent, we cannot pay the mortgage and we will end up in foreclosure. Can we give her a notice to vacate the property because she hasn't paid the rent, even though she's sick? --Art B. A: You are within your rights to terminate this tenancy if the rent remains unpaid. But there may be steps you can take that could avert that eventuality. First, if you believe that the property's condition is the reason your tenant has not been able to find a roommate, discuss this with the tenant. Perhaps circumstances surrounding her mother's illness and move have overwhelmed her, making it hard to keep on top of the housekeeping. You might consider helping her towards a fresh start...