Unpaid HOA fees boost foreclosure risk

Why is condo board ignoring request for payment plan?

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DEAR BENNY: I am three months behind in my homeowner's association payments. Can the condominium foreclose on my unit? My mortgage payments are up to date, and I called my lender who said no, they cannot foreclose. What do you say? I wrote a letter to the board asking for a payment plan in January of this year, but no response as of yet. I know I owe the money, but I was sick for a period of time. I am planning to pay the back fees with my taxes. --P.S. DEAR P.S.: Your lender is wrong. Review your legal documents carefully and you will see that the board has a number of remedies if an owner is delinquent in his/her condominium fees. The board can bring a lawsuit for collection; in many cases can restrict access to common areas, such as exercise rooms or swimming pools; and can ultimately, unless your state legislature has enacted restrictions, foreclose on your unit. I am surprised that your board has ignored your request for a payment plan. Such a plan makes sense -- espe...