Buyers, don't forget 5-year rule

REThink Real Estate

Q: My friends and family are all pressuring me to buy a home. I’m totally obsessed with HGTV, and love to go to open houses in my neighborhood, just to look. I would love to own my own home, and can well afford to. My only concern is the commitment. It seems like such a big, long monetary commitment, and sometimes I’m not even sure if I want to stay in this area much longer or explore some more. I do live in a high-priced area, and sometimes I worry that if I do decided to stay here, and I don’t buy in the next year or so, I might end up priced out of ever buying in this area.

A: If you read this column regularly, you know by now that I am usually bullish on buying. For most folks, that can afford to buy, and want to buy — buying strategically is usually a good thing to do.