Static over $4,100 carpet charge

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Q: We recently moved out of an apartment we rented for four years. Our lease allowed us to have a dog. We were very neat and clean tenants, and the owner came over often during the tenancy to make minor repairs and not once mentioned any concerns about our housekeeping. When we moved out, the landlord walked the apartment and noted how well we kept the place. Nothing was brought up about any charges or deductions, so when we received our security deposit statement we were shocked to see that the owner kept our entire $1,800 deposit and was seeking an additional $2,300 claiming that he had to replace the carpeting throughout the entire house because of "dog odor." The dog was potty trained and someone was at home every day, so we are confident that the dog did not urinate or defecate in the apartment. I can understand that we might be desensitized to our dog, but none of our friends or relatives ever said anything about smelling a dog odor. The landlord filed a...